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So one of the more pressing concerns on the minds of so many of my cohort members in the English Education department is the GACE test.  Georgia has recently switched their certification test from the Praxis II to the GACE (Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators).  I, along with many of my peers, will be among the first group to take this new test on November 16th.  There is, not surprisingly, a dearth of information available for this new test and many of us feel that we are at a disadvantage because of this.  For once, I almost envy the people who are taking the GRE within the next few months.  At least they have some idea of what it is they should expect and have the ability to locate preparatory materials, should they choose to do so.

The GACE website does provide a few sample questions for their multiple choice and constructed response sections, so I suppose it’s unfair of me to say that they’ve left us completely in the dark.  But, honestly, looking at some of these questions, I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.  I honestly think that my little sister could take that test and pass it right now.  I just don’t know how they think that this test is going to be any kind of indicator as to how successful aspiring teachers are going to be in the classroom.

Question 1:

The term ‘superhighway’ has similar meanings and applications in the fields of transportation and:

a. information technology

b. mathematics

c. political science

d. agriculture

Question 2:

The fiction of Amy Tan, Jamaica Kincaid and Bharati Mukherjee frequently examine which of the following themes?

a. the devastation of war and its aftermath

b. the expanding influence of science and technology

c. the hypocrisy and corruption of government

d. the nature of the experience of some recent immigrants

As, future educators ourselves, it seems as though the designers of the GACE should be fairly cognizant of the inherent problems of a test like this.  I think that the DOE really needs to take a second look at what the GACE purports to test and what it actually does test.  Ahh.. what a great model for sound assessment procedures.

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45 Responses to GACE Test

  1. Laura says:

    I am taking the Science GACE tomorrow morning, and I am terrified. I have no idea what to expect, I feel totally unprepared, and am pretty sure I won’t pass simply because I don’t know what to expect. HELP!

    • Johnb73 says:

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  2. I took the Mathematics GACE Test and passed using the study guide. I was amazed at the similarities between the study guide and the actual test. I tell all of my classmates to take the test this year before they realize how much the study guide really helps.

  3. Donna says:

    Does anyone have any study guides for GACE II (Test 1). This is for Elementary Education – Language Arts and Social Studies. I have one book that I got from Amazon and it is worthless. I really need to pass this time around. Thank you!!!

  4. Brenda says:

    I will take the GACE English test 021(high school level) in two weeks. Has anyone taken that test? Can you tell me your impressions of the test? What should I concentrate on in my preparation for it? The State web site doesn’t give us much information and only a few sample questions. Thanks loads! I’m nervous about it.

  5. miss lewis says:

    I have taken the early chilhood education part to for math and science twice and keep getting the score of 217 and need 220 does anybody know of a good study guide so i can pass

  6. Ash567 says:

    Miss Lewis:

    To my knowledge, they do not change the tests that frequently (I had one friend have to take the English Content test three times before she passed, and she said that she received the EXACT same test each time…so you should just be able to look at what you missed, practice the constructed response questions ahead of time so you’ll know what to write, and…you should be set. Are you not getting the same test each time?

  7. Jamie says:

    Any study ideas for passing the Spanish 141 and 142 Gace test. I need to pass it ASAP!

  8. Thandeka says:

    I need to take Early Childhood (001 and 002)and I’ve heard there are at least 4 different versions of the test that gets “rotated”. Does anybody have clues of what to expect? I believe the test is designed to make you fail, so you can keep taking it and the administrators cash in. Help!

    • LB says:

      I agree it’s a cash cow, just got my results again today and “NOT PASSED” for the FOURTH TIME!!!!!!This is ridiculous!

      • Thandeka says:

        My sympathies. To me, it’s designed to make you fail enough times so they can pay for the high tech secrecy of their system (Fort Knox).Surely we all can’t be so ill- prepared that we fail it by 4 or 5 points. If possible look for overseas options like Abu Dhabi and Brunei. Good luck!

  9. Ash567 says:


    I took this test on June 13th and passed. I have no background in Early Childhood Education (I was simply seeking add-ons to my certificate to make myself more marketable). I made it a point to study really hard for about 3 weeks prior, and I passed the test fine! The test is not designed to make you fail – I have plenty of friends who have taken GACE tests the first time around and passed. There is research that shows that your attitude can tremendously impact your test-taking ability – don’t go into assuming that you’ll fail, and chances are you’ll do great! Study, prepare, and do your best.

  10. Thandeka says:

    Dear Ash567,

    Thanks for the reassurance. My anxiety stems from the fact that I took a class with a group of people who have taken the test numerous times, and have failed. These reports made me doubt myself. I am working hard in preparation for the Aug. test. Do you remember the topics of your essay questions in Math, Sci, SS and LA/Reading?

  11. Ash567 says:


    The GACE test proctors are SUPER serious about monitoring the internet to make sure that people aren’t cheating by disposing that kind of information – I know that sounds crazy, but I actually had someone chastise me on another website for asking the same thing. They surf the web and monitor certain blogs/chat rooms, etc…so, be careful posting questions such as the one above. I will tell you that there are about 7 versions of each test that rotate bi-monthly, so the likelihood of even getting someone to give you the “correct” essay questions are slim-to-none. I was totally scared too, but the essays are so random anyway – it’s almost like, if you know it than you know it, and if you don’t than “oh well.” Just answer them the best you can and really use the mock-tests on the GACE website to help you prepare (those helped me a lot). I know a TON of people (myself included) who did not have a background in ECE and took it on the first time and passed, so please don’t let your friends stress you out. Start studying NOW and you’ll be fine! Best of luck 🙂

  12. Thandeka says:

    Dear Ash567,

    Again you come to the rescue and allay my fears. You’re very right. I suspect I’ll be fine since I have been studying and I just now spoke with a dear friend who confirmed exactly what you said.

    Thanks for all your well wishes.

    Keep well!

  13. Amina says:

    Hi guys,
    I have take the GACE ECE 001 4 times and have not been successful, I lost the whole year not being able to student teach and I am so angry, I am not sure how they want us to prepare for this test. I have read the XAM GACE ECE text,some elementary school level Social studies books. Any more suggestions guys in Language instruction and social studies? Thanks Amina

  14. Thandeka says:


    I empathize with you. I took the test and missed both sections with a minute margin. I think it’s best to take one test at a time. I was super-stressed and scored poorer on the essay questions than I expected. It was a huge disappointment. I’ve also missed out on the opportunity to teach this year because of. It’s a matter of good guess-work, because I studied months ahead and was highly prepared. Another factor is that I’m from the UK and not familiar with US education, so social studies was a stretch. Although I missed that test by 3 marks.Did you check out materials from the library to help?

  15. Thandeka says:


    For the LA/SS, I took a class with DCSS and the instructor, Tafetta (can’t remember last name) gave us a helpful packet. Also SS instructor was great Mary (can’t remember last name)gave us a lot of detail in a packet.Maybe you can contact Dekalb County and ask for their details.Tafetta is an instructional coach and both of them taught the class (GACE)for the county.If not, I may be able to rummage and see if I could find anything for you. If you want, send me your fax #/telephone #, although you’ll have to give me a bit of time.

  16. M Forand says:

    Here is a great website that will help anyone prepare for the types of questions which may be on the GACE ENGLISH 020 and 021…

    I have noticed “several” similar questions on this test that have been on the GACE in the past.

    Good Luck everyone!!

  17. Thandeka says:

    Thanks so much M Forand.This is very helpful.

    • M Forand says:

      You are more than welcome Thandeka. It took me forever to find something that could give me an idea of what I needed to study and these test examples are certainly helpful to me also.

  18. MaryAnne says:

    I do not believe the tests are set up to make anyone fail. I do think the test questions are tricky though however.

    There are at least 4 different tests for each certification test. I believe this helps the test makers make certain folks do not study the specifics of certain topics on one test as opposed to another.

    I have taken the English I & II test 5 times and failed. I also had different tests each time.

    I’m frustrated just like anyone would be and I’m taking a year off from the tests. Hopefully when I return next year, I’ll be refreshed and better prepared. Hard to believe I have a 4.0 GPA in my grad program and cannot pass these 2 tests. However, I took the Middle Grade Language Arts test and passed it on the very first try…

  19. Marshann Johnson says:

    Please email me if you have any suggestion or advice for taking the Early Childhood Reading and S. Studies test. Your help is greatly appreciated!

  20. tuskin says:

    to take up middle school maths teaching which test should be taken by us

  21. Gina says:

    If you are a member of GAE, they offer free workshops with access to online content reviews. Check out their website for workshop dates and locations.

  22. Trina T. says:

    I agree with the individual who said, “Take the test one at a time, also study the guide, it helps,especially the essay questions. Study the answers carefully and use the process of elimination. I passed basic skills just fine, but Business Ed and Special Ed, I had to take twice. The second time I took it one at a time and studied the guide on the GACE website. I looked at the answers given extremely close and figured out why the correct answer was the best possible choice.

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Trina . I am currently preparing for for the Business Ed exam and I noticed that you suggested taking it one test at a time. I have registered for both exams and now I am freaking out. My degree is in Information Technology and I felt that obtaining my certification would be a good match with my education and past job experiences as an Operations Manager…boy was I wrong! The content little overwhelming especially for someone who hasn’t been in school for a while and a career changer. I am reviwing the study guide provided on the GACE website but it really doesn’t provide much info other than the actula objectives or framework. I am open and asking for any insight that youu ae willing to share with me to help prepare for my upcoming test. I really would appreciate ANY and all help that you can give.

  23. Mary says:

    Can anyone help me to pass the middle school mathematics GACE test?

  24. T Samuels says:

    I am new to state and took GACE for first time to Highly Qualify in Special Educ. I was floored! Please contact me at to share what may help prepare in ECE 001 and 002. Thank you!

  25. cj says:

    i would be willing to share my gace middle school math information. i took it last week. i also need help. i was able to write down questions after i took the test. i hear that the test does not change at all. email is

  26. Sue says:

    is there anyway to get a study guide for just the English 020 test? I passed the 021 English.

  27. Wade says:

    Good Morning, I am seeking help for passing Gace Science II (025), do anyone have any info packages that would help, I am taking the test next month and I need help. Thanks!

    • khan says:

      can you please tell me what constructed question they asked? I am giving gace exam next week.

    • Wendy says:

      How did you do? I take 025 in August? I am thinking about ordering the study guide. What do you think?

  28. Andrea Stephens says:

    I have taken the GACE Science II (025) 3 times and am so close (218). I have registered for it in August. This is the last time it will be given. Any info packages, essay question study guides, etc. I have to pass or will need to take both Science I and II again with the new company.
    Andrea (

  29. Michelle says:

    I too have taken the 001 and 002 more times then I’d like to admit. My GPA is 3.75 but can not pass this test. I will be taking 001 in July and then 002 in August. I hope that I can get the two tests in by their deadline. If anyone can help me you can reach me at thanks for any help.

  30. Leslie says:

    Hello everyone, I have a Bachelors in Early Childhood and a Masters in Curriculum/instruction. I have been teaching in private schools for 7 years. I was exempt from the Basic Skills Exam because of my Masters Degree in Curriculum/instruction. I have taken the Gace 001-002 about 4 times. I have attended several work shops at several different universities. Can anyone suggest, advise, recommend ANYTHING for me to do to pass this exam…PLEASE!!!!!

    Thank you,

  31. Linda says:

    Do anyone have any information on special education general curriculum test 081. I need to know what information I need to study . My email address is for your help

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