Spring Student Teaching

So, fall semester is finally deciding to wrap itself up.  My November Unit came to a happy conclusion and now I am left to pull my fall portfolio together and plan for Spring. 

Everytime I talk to my MT, she has something different to say about how Spring is going to work.  We will have three people in the room during first block, me, my MT and an inclusion teacher.  It will be my first experience with inclusion, and seeing as how this is the way of the future, I think it is a very important experience.  This last time I spoke with my MT, she informed me that she wanted me to do the majority of the planning for the 9th grade college prep class and the 10th grade honors classes.  I’m, actually, really pleased with that, so here are the tentative units that I have to plan for the spring.

 9th grade:

Personal Narratives – Short stories and poems

Holocaust Unit – Elie Wiesel’s Night and other short pieces

Mythology Unit – I want to do one, but I’m not particularly fond of the Odyssey.  I wonder if I can do a mythology unit minus the Odyssey?

Shakespeare Unit – Romeo and Juliet

For the 10th grade:

Media Literacy Unit

Things Fall Apart

Taming of the Shrew


The big themes for tenth grade are: “How are we persuaded?” and “How do we persuade?”  I would like for the tenth graders to do a really creative, inquiry-based project.  We’ll see how that goes though.  I’m really excited about teaching a Shakespearean comedy, though.  Never thought I’d be able to do that next semester.

I’ll update as my plans solidify.  Ahhh… I’m so excited! I think I might just love student teaching.

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