Another Little Tidbit: Inclusion Strategy

I received this in my mailbox earlier today.  It was sent to the 2005-2006 Teacher Candidate listserv by one of last year’s cohort members and was forwarded to this year’s cohort by our wonderful program supervisor/goddess. 

The note reads:

“Hey guys,

I went to a conference last week on strategies for teaching an inclusion class.  One of the ideas presented was on how to present printed information to students.  According to the presenter, you shouldn’t use a font with serifs because for struggling readers it clutters the visual field.  While any font without serifs is ideal, for students learning to read English comic sans is best because the “a” actually looks the way we write it.  The presenter also said that you shouldn’t use anything smaller than a 14pt font.

I went back to school and tried this out.  When I gave my students the first worksheet typed in 14pt comic sans, one of them said ‘I like these words. You should always use them.  They are easier to read'”

Hmm… maybe something to take into account?

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