Teaching: Homer’s Odyssey

Gustave Moreau - The Sirens 1872Introduction/Background to Ancient Greece & Homer:

Odyssey Online: Interactive Learning Experience (Emory University) – Easily adapted to webquest or other assignment.

Homer Homepage (Georgia Perimeter College) – Collection of very useful background links.

Odyssey Units:

Contains great Hero hook activity, graphic organizers for guiding reading and gathering notes for problem-solution, list, order of location, and chronological order paragraphs, Hero’s Journey Charts, Research assignment on hero of your choice, and Homeric tapestry group assignment

Day-by-day lesson plans, Gods and goddesses mini-slide presentation, Odyssey intro PowerPoint, Direct and Indirect Characterization chart with “I am Laertes son” and “Lotus Eaters” section, irony webquest, symbolism search with “Circe, Sirens, Scylla & Charybdis” sections, and tiered writing assignment (culminating assessment with rubric) with options to create a comic strip, write a ghost story episode Homer excluded from the Odyssey, or write news reports following Odysseus’s journey home.

Based on new Common Core Standards, the unit includes supplementary literary as well as non-informational texts and focuses on argumentative writing. Features a heroes vs. celebrities opening discussion, exploration of archetypes and Joseph Campbell’s monomythic Hero’s Journey in film assignment, analysis of Hero’s Journey and archetypes in non-fiction narratives, tons of writing prompt ideas, anticipation guide, Mini-research assignment on changing qualities of heroes through literary periods, and more.

Individual/Daily Lesson Plans & Assignments:

Web English Teacher – Homer-related readings, assignments, and lesson plans.

Web English Teacher’s Odysseus Needss a Job assignment (would fit an argumentative writing unit)

Supplemental Materials:

Victoria Allen Teaching Guide to Signet Classic Edition of Homer’s Odyssey

Includes key vocab, journal topics, plot summaries and study questions, after reading questions and essay questions for deeper understanding, dramatic, arts and crafts, writing, and media activities.

JC-Schools.net Odyssey Teaching Materials

PowerPoints, worksheets, activities, and games.

Romare Bearden’s Odyssey collages

A post I wrote for this blog about African American artist, Romare Bearden, and his work pertaining to Homer’s Odyssey. Contains many links to Bearden resources, including lesson plans.

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3 Responses to Teaching: Homer’s Odyssey

  1. I love Greek my, and absolutely enjoyed the online teacher!

  2. HollieR says:

    The link for the “Trials and Triumphs: The Hero’s Journey” is not valid. Can you send me an updated link to this unit? It sounds perfect!

  3. jordan 11 says:

    Regards, A good amount of forum posts!
    jordan 11 http://www.jordans11.fr

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