Teaching: Antigone

Nikiforos Lytras - Antigone in front of the dead Polynices (1865)Introduction to Greek Theatre & Antigone:

Tufts University’s Perseus Digital Library “The Development of Athenian Tragedy,” excerpted from Thomas R. Martin’s An Overview of Classical Greek History from Mycenae to Alexander.

Dr. Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Professor of Classics at Temple University’s Greek Theater and Society Course page.

Glossary of important terms, worksheet guides to Greek plays, including Sophocles’ Antigone, and useful links to other sites.

Emory University – Overview of Greek Drama

Contains maps of Greece, drawings of Greek theater layout, historical timelines, and other relevant pictures of Athenian Acropolis, artistic depictions of Athenian actors and Greek drama.

Unit Plans:

DrPezz’s Antigone Unit and Study Guide

WebEnglish Teacher links to study guides, units, and individual Antigone lessons.

Georgia Standards plan created by Cynde Snider for teaching 10th Grade Lit/Comp or World Literature Greek Tragedy Unit. Focus is on Oedipus Rex, but the vocabulary and some activities would work equally well in teaching Antigone.

Lesson Ideas:

EdSitement’s Sophocles’ Antigone: Ancient Greek Theatre, Live from Antiquity

Adapting Antigone for Modern Movie-going Audience assignment

Supplemental Readings:

Carson, Anne. “The ‘Ode to Man’ from Sophocles’ Antigone.The New Yorker.

Cartledge, Paul. “Greeks: The Democratic Experiment.” BBC History.

Yeats, William Butler, “From The ‘Antigone’

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