Allusion A Day

The Doc, one of my favorite English teacher bloggers (see The Doc is In, blogroll on right), recently posted about how he addresses the declining cultural literacy of current high school students. He introduces his students to cultural literacy using E.D. Hirsch’s Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know  and projects a daily comic, political cartoon, Internet meme, or other digital media piece intended to familiarize students with allusions and the cultural events, figures, or objects to which they refer. In a fun and low-stakes way, students see if they can understand and try to explain the allusion and its meaning.

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1 Response to Allusion A Day

  1. foodlit209 says:

    One of the goals of our class Food Lit. is to increase the literacy of students through the studying of food and real world issues that surround them. I also really like your style of incorporating digital media into the class. As a student, it makes class a lot more fun and interesting. Thank you for teaching, cannot wait to read some more!

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