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Allusion A Day

The Doc, one of my favorite English teacher bloggers (see The Doc is In, blogroll on right), recently posted about how he addresses the declining cultural literacy of current high school students. He introduces his students to cultural literacy using E.D. … Continue reading

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Teaching Organization: Notebook Checks

No doubt because of my perpetual struggles to remain organized, I believe we owe it to our students to teach organization skills. Long after they have left us and likely forgotten 90% of the particulars of our disciplinary subject matter, they … Continue reading

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Building Class Connections and Managing Partners

Wandering somewhat aimlessly, I stumbled onto this excellent collection of team-building activities. I always strive for the ideal of creating a genuine sense of class community. It can be tough. I try to work on team-building activities early in the semester or year to help students … Continue reading

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Beginning the Year Ice Breaker and Student Interest Sheet

Penetrating the summer haze… breaking the ice One of my favorite icebreakers is a listening activity called “The Wright Family Vacation.” Many years ago, I stole it from an English teacher who wrote a now defunct blog called Redkudu. Even she did not … Continue reading

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YA Lit and Detention

Lately, I’ve been immersed in the world of YA Lit as part of my preservice teacher education program. My fellow TCs and I have been given a list of YA literature that I’m sure will prove to be a handy … Continue reading

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