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Allusion A Day

The Doc, one of my favorite English teacher bloggers (see The Doc is In, blogroll on right), recently posted about how he addresses the declining cultural literacy of current high school students. He introduces his students to cultural literacy using E.D. … Continue reading

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Illustrations for Educational/Presentational Uses

Whenever creating a presentation, I  always spend too much time locating visuals I feel comfortable using to accompany my presentations’ main talking points. The central challenge here usually lies in finding something both high-quality enough and free. My current project, coding a … Continue reading

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Non-Fiction in New English Language Arts Common Core

In addition to increased attention on incorporating digital media into the English Language Arts curriculum, the new Common Core Standards place special emphasis on non-fiction. In a recent New York Times editorial, English teacher Sara Mosle explores the resistance expressed … Continue reading

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Teaching: Homer’s Odyssey

Introduction/Background to Ancient Greece & Homer: Odyssey Online: Interactive Learning Experience (Emory University) – Easily adapted to webquest or other assignment. Homer Homepage (Georgia Perimeter College) – Collection of very useful background links. Odyssey Units: Jim Burke’s Odyssey Unit Materials … Continue reading

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Teaching: Age of Reason Unit (American Literature)

Introduction/Background: The Enlightenment Brief historical background of Enlightenment, including lesson plans using excerpts from English thinkers (Hobbes’ The Leviathan and Locke’s Of Civil Government) and French Philosophes (Montesquieu’s The Spirit of Laws & Rousseau’s The Social Contract). Comparing Hobbes and Locke … Continue reading

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My Life: Planning, Planning, Planning

So, you can probably guess what I have been doing lots of lately. While, I love planning, one of my least favorite aspects is aligning assignments and daily plans to their appropriate standards. I know I’m not alone in this. … Continue reading

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One Stop Planning Shop

In my head, I’m working out about five units at once and am having quite a time focusing on one unit and keeping everything straight. And, of course, we know the virtues of graphic organizers and, hopefully, use them to often to help … Continue reading

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